Superb Rescue

December 8th, 2018
Susie Goodall is safe and well, a superb job done by all the rescue services.
The last time the Golden Globe Race [GGR] took place was in 1968.
Sir Robin Knox Johnston was the only person to finish. 

Roaring Forties, the print

Robin K-J was trained as an officer cadet in the British merchant navy, going to sea with the British India Steam Navigation Company.

Dumra, RKJ’s first ship.

You can share Robin’s remarkable story and appreciate his character and seamanship by reading his memorable book, “A World Of My Own”, Grafton Books, ISBN 0-246-13410-0 

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Rescue in sight ?

December 7th, 2018
Dateline 12:00 UTC  07.12.2018 – Les Sables d’Olonne, France

The Hong Kong registered cargo ship MV Tian is now holding station within sight of the distressed British yachtswoman Susie Goodall  2,000 miles west of Cape Horn and the rescue operation will commence at first light in one hour’s time.

Conditions have moderated  and the seas have reduced to 3-4metre swells.

Goodall is in radio contact with the ship and plans are being finalised to lift her from the deck of her yacht DHL Starlight on one of the ship’s deck cranes.

UK Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Falmouth advised Race HQ  of the ship’s  latest ETA at 11:00 UTC and this information was passed to Susie just 20 minutes before she  had visual contact.

Susie is well rested, having had 12 hrs in her bunk, and been able to keep some water down. It is about 1 hr from daylight.

Maiden in distress

December 6th, 2018

GoGoR18, Day 158: Update on Susie Goodall rescue
Dateline 09:00 UTC 06.12.2018 – Les Sables d’Olonne, France

From Twitter : Robin Knox-Johnston @SirRKJ 1h1 hour ago
“I am glad to hear help is on the way for @susieBgoodall and hope she is safely rescued. I enjoyed following Susie and I am disappointed her #GGR2010 campaign has come to an end but she should feel very proud of all she has achieved”.

Detail from ‘H M Sloop Racehorse’

British yachtswoman Susie Goodall 29 years old, from Falmouth, Cornwall, remains safe and secure aboard her yacht DHL Starlight after being pitchpoled and dismasted in the Southern Ocean some 2,000 miles west of Cape Horn yesterday. Overnight, Chilean rescue authorities have tasked another ship, the 38,000 ton Hong Kong registered bulk carrier MV Tian Fu bound from China to Modran, Argentina, to go to her aid and it is due to reach her position at 05:00 UTC Friday. 

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Pray for Suzie

December 5th, 2018

You know the Southern Ocean ? 

Then pray for Suzie Goodall, please. 

More drama on the high seas.
Do you know what ‘pitchpoled’ means?
To be pitchpoled is not a pleasant experience.
“The boat is destroyed. 
I can’t make up a jury rig”.

‘Roaring Forties’ was named by RK-J, prints carry is and my signatures.

“Spirit of Mystery” commissioned by Pete Goss, [available as a signed print, from £147 inc P&P]

“Ice Maiden”, sold to Tracy Edwards [available as a signed print, £147 inc P&P]

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Never before

December 5th, 2018

Photos I’ve never before posted, taken on board ‘Suhali‘ during a severe Atlantic storm.
Robin told me, 20 minutes later ‘Suhali‘ was rolled and dismasted. 

Suhali, Atlantic RKJ- GF Collection

Once again Chris Fag responding to the related post below, raised an interesting point.
This raised a >NEW< theory pertinent to the dismastings during the #GGR18 fleet which of which only 8 yachts are still sailing.
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Beat This?

December 4th, 2018
A personal best, a 50th anniversary and a world record?
Meaning, today I posted 5 copies of “Roaring Forties“, all for different people; a personal best from my >print sales department< or to put it another more personal way, for me. . . 

‘Roaring Forties’ was named by RK-J, prints carry is and my signatures.

Like a wise owl, I can’t say ‘who to’.
Most of them will become rather splendid Christmas surprises, gifts. 

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An interesting question

December 2nd, 2018
I’m off watch with some sort of ‘flu, still, “what inspired you to paint the Chupra?” is a good question to stir me into action.
To me, maybe you too, questions about creativity and inspiration are always interesting as are the people who ask them.
This question came in with an enquiry about on of my friend Chris Fagg‘s favourite paintings.

As it’s his birthday today we can share the answer can’t we? 

Trun_Compagnie Generale Transatlantique

Chatting by phone with a client who had previously commissioned two paintings and has become a good friend I mentioned I no longer have a decent high resolution image of ‘Trun’ for my web site or impending book so would like to paint something similar. 

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Rock n roll

November 29th, 2018

Arrived home safe after a rock n roll passage, ferry crossing.

In Dog language, ruff.  

HM Sloop Racehorse, North Sea storm, Arctic expedition 1773.
Subtitle “‘Put Preventer Gammoning upon the Bowsprit’, 

Two other ferries were cancelled.

That really was one rock n roll ride. 

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Force 11

November 28th, 2018
Another hour and I board the ferry for a stormy crossing. 

The Swedish Brig, a detail in H M Sloop Racehorse

In many ways I’m sad to leave England, so much affection shown, good foods, the best of beers, pictures sold, so much innovation here …
Whatever, given the Force 11 I guess I’ll have the restaurant to myself.
More when I can, Gordon

Force 11

November 28th, 2018
Portsmouth and Southsea this morning with Peter and Katy Goodwin … 
The past couple of weeks have been very hectic, purposeful, good fun and fruitful.
Tonight I am scheduled to sail for France.
Likely to be a bouncy crossing with [force 11] 70 mph winds forecast.
I have some Brexit meetings in France then hope to be home by late Thursday evening.