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Welcome aboard, marine art, marine paintings, marine prints, the art of Gordon Frickers;
Only occasionally will you will find the art of Gordon Frickers listed with auction houses, much sought after, clients tend to treasure his paintings.
All professional artists are special but in different ways.
Among other distinguishing achievements, Gordon Frickers is the only marine artist to have been invited to show at the European Parliament (Brussels) May 2011 and the only painter to have been ‘Official Artist’ to HMS Victory (during the run up to Trafalgar 200).

Gordon Frickers

Here we introduce to you an extraordinary marine artist; via it’s ‘sister’ site you can discover Gordon Frickers landscape painting on

You can find his cv/ résumée and much unique information, in particular via the ‘further reading’  pages.

What Gordon Frickers and his team do: this site introduces his niche specialty, glorious marine painting with meticulously researched details, reliable historically accurate reconstructions of enduring worth. On this web site you can discover the paintings plus his way of working and his adventurous life.

Here you know you are in safe, experienced hands and have a first class guarantee, (see Terms) or simply go to contact us ; phone and discover.

Auctions: Most of Gordon Frickers work has been by commission, sold by galleries  to become personal and company treasures that rarely find their way to auction.

  • Quote: Brian Simpson MEP, chairman of the European Parliament Transport and Tourism Committee (2011 to 2014) wrote: “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people”.
  • Gordon Frickers fine art has been and is often the choice of distinguished people and renowned companies.

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*My work is best known for the celebrated “Roaring Forties”   ~ “Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, who  subsequently ordered 2 more paintings.

Sir Robin Knox- Johnston & Gordon Frickers

Sir Robin Knox- Johnston & Gordon Frickers

and from the awesome ‘Trafalgar Collection’, “I have Urgent Dispatches“.

Gordon said:

  • I am honoured to be one of the very few artists to have been invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (Brussels, May 2011) and uniquely has been official artist to HMS Victory (1993 to 1998).
  • I am honoured to be the only artist elected to the British Marine Federation.
  • have has recently completed painting  “Kenya, Maiden Arrival, B I Sunday, Mombasa“, a meticulous commemorative marine commission and a series for the Ville de Gaillac on working largely on location, promoting the wines of that region, one of the oldest wine growing districts in France.
  • I am  looking to assemble a team to exhibit two painting projects, together with products of the regions, “Picturesque Wine Villages of Bordeaux” and “Gaillac, Surprising Vines.


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To see Gordon Frickers landscapes, enjoy the new web site and follow his adventures on Facebook.

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Gallery visit: By appointment at 14  Rue du Bout de Ville, Thehillac 56130, Brittany, France.

 ‘Contact us‘ T: + 44 (0)1865 52 2435

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  • Pete Goss (OBE & Legion d’Honore) recently wrote “I got exactly the painting I had hoped for“.
  • At last I’ve met the famous Marine artist Gordon Frickers” ~ Alan Warren, Yachting World at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept. 2009.
  •  Brian Simpson MEP wrote “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people“.
  • Why didn’t you tell me you painted the iconicRoaring Forties?”, Dick Durham, editor, Yachting Monthly.

You can follow marine artist Gordon Frickers on his blog, Facebook/gordonfrickers, Twitter and Linkedin.

A calling:  “I set out to be the best painter I can be, to entertain, inform and inspire, to try to leave the world a slightly better place, benefit, enjoy”.

There is a wealth to discover here, paintings, stories about the painting and the diverse subjects.


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