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 Gordon Frickers

  • Pete Goss (OBE & Legion d’Honore) recently wrote “I got exactly the painting I had hoped for“.
  • Gordon Frickers is one of the very few artists and the first and only marine artist to be invited to exhibit at the European Parliament, Brussels (May 2011).
  • Our efforts with the painting were highly successful” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.
  • Featured artist on the Winsor and Newton website.
  • Uniquely in the history of HMS Victory, Gordon Frickers was commissioned (1994 to 1998) to work for HMS Victory.
  • Currently working with Famous Wine Villages of Bordeaux, France and on a marine painting of  ‘Hermione‘, the frigate of liberty.
  • The only artist member of the British Marine Federation and The Marine Trades Federation.
  • Drawings from £100.00 watercolours from £450.00

Two New Special Announcements

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Pete GOSS VOYAGE CAPTURED ON CANVAS This remarkable story is on my blog and Facebook (see entries Nov 2013)

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At last I’ve met the famous Marine artist Gordon Frickers” ~ Alan Warren of Yachting World at the Monaco Yacht Show Sept. 2009. If you are thinking Marine Painting, Marine Commissions (Orders and payments) or Marine Prints (Marine Print Gallery) simply go to contact us and phone us. You will be in safe experienced hands.

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Brian Simpson MEP wrote “Frickers paintings are marks of our achievement as a people“.

This extensive website also reveals much of the art work of  Gordon Frickers, his distinguishing characteristics.

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I’d love another Frickers painting” ~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston who subsequently commissioned two more.


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